Polyvinyl Alcohol Application

Polyvinyl Alcohol products have a wide range of uses. In the textile industry, they are mainly used as yarn pulp, fabric finishing...

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Grades

Polyvinyl Alcohol is manufactured by polymerization of vinyl acetate monomer, followed by hydrolysis of the polyvinyl acetate. HOP...

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Introduction

Polyvinyl Alcohol is a water soluble and biodegradable synthetic polymer. It is adry solid, and is available in granule and powder...

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Styrene Acrylic emulsion R-820


Styrene Acrylic emulsion R-820

Brief introduction:  Styrene Acrylic emulsion R-820 is a styrene/acrylate copolymer emulsion, which is synthesized with many high-quality imported additives, and is a specific emulsion for exterior wall latex paint which is developed after compared and plenty analyzed acrylic acid series emulsion, combining national situations, with excellent comprehensive performance and outstanding performance-price ratio.  
Technology index
     Emulsion types      copolymer of styrene and acrylate
     Appearance           weak blue milk white liquid
     Content of solid                   (48±1)%
     Brinell viscosity                    2000-4000mpa.s
     PH value                              7.0-8.0
     Lowest film-forming temperature       20℃
     Glass state temperature               25℃
Calcium ion Stability                  choiceness
Mechanical stability                   choiceness
Storage: The product must be deposited in closed container. Avoid freeze and high temperature. Prevent sunlight. Store up in 0-35℃.The validity after processing is half year.
Packing: 50kg, 125kg keep in plastic barrel

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