Polyvinyl Alcohol Application

Polyvinyl Alcohol products have a wide range of uses. In the textile industry, they are mainly used as yarn pulp, fabric finishing...

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Grades

Polyvinyl Alcohol is manufactured by polymerization of vinyl acetate monomer, followed by hydrolysis of the polyvinyl acetate. HOP...

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Introduction

Polyvinyl Alcohol is a water soluble and biodegradable synthetic polymer. It is adry solid, and is available in granule and powder...

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Application

Applications of HOPE WAY PVA

PVA products have a wide range of uses. In the textile industry, they are mainly used as yarn pulp, fabric finishing agents, and raw materials of vinylon fibers; in the construction and decoration industries, they can be used as mortar cement additives, paint additives for the interior and exterior walls, and molding plate adhesives; in the chemical industry, they can be used as polymerization emulsifiers, dispersants, and raw materials for the production of PVF, acetalal and butyral resins; in lumbering and paper-making industries, they can be used as adhesives; in agriculture, they can be used as soil improvers, pesticide adhesion synergist and PVA film; in petroleum exploitation, they can be used as well-cementing agents. In addition, they can also be used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, printing, ceramics, steel, electronics, electroplating, and so on.

Physical Properties of HOPE WAY PVA

Appearance:White to ivory granule or powder
Specific Gravity: 1.23~1.31
Bulk Density: 0.5~0.7g/ml
Storage Stability: Indefinitein dry storage
Refractive Index at 20°C: 1.52~1.55(anhydrous polymer)
Specific Heat: 1.65~1.67J/g°C( 0.4 cal/g°C)
Heat of Combustion: 5.9kcal/g
Mean Coefficient of ThermalExpansion: 7~10*10-5/°C
Glass Transition Temperature: 60°C(HWPtype)~85°C(HWFtype)
Melting Point: 180~190°C(HWP type),230°C(HWFtype)
Heat Sealing Temperature( dry,unplasticized): 165-210°C
Compression-Molding Temperature(plasticized): 100-150°C
Heat Stability: Thecolor turns yellowish gradually when heated above 100°C, turns dark rapidlyabove 160°C.Decomposes above 200-220°C.
Flammability: Burn atabout the rate of paper.
Light Stability: Excellent
Effect of Strong Acids: Dissolvesor decomposes
Effect of Strong Alkalies: Softens or dissolves
Effect of Weak Acids: Softensor dissolves
Effect of Weak Alkalies: Softensor dissolves
Effect of Organic Solvents: Resistantto most solvent
Gas Permeability: Effectivelyresist permeation of gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.
Hygroscopicity: Lesssensitive to humidity than other water-soluble resins.

Toxicity: Non-toxic tohuman and animal.

Packing and Storage of HOPE WAY PVA

Packing : Paper-plastic package with plastic film.

N.W.: 20kg/bag or 25kg/bag ( according to customers’ request ).

Storage: Store the products in dry, well-ventilated rooms, and pay attention to preventing them from damp and avoid exposing them to sunlight and rain.

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