Polyvinyl Alcohol Application

Polyvinyl Alcohol products have a wide range of uses. In the textile industry, they are mainly used as yarn pulp, fabric finishing...

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Grades

Polyvinyl Alcohol is manufactured by polymerization of vinyl acetate monomer, followed by hydrolysis of the polyvinyl acetate. HOP...

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Introduction

Polyvinyl Alcohol is a water soluble and biodegradable synthetic polymer. It is adry solid, and is available in granule and powder...

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Redispersible Polymer Emulsion Powder

 Redispersible polymer emulsion powder

Definition: Redispersible polymer emulsion powder is a soluble redispersible powder, is multipolymer of ethylene and  vinyl acetate, take PVA as protective colloid. It is with high cementitiousness and unique performance as below:

1. improve the bending strength and toughness.

2. Improving the bonding strength and cohesive strength of mortar

3. Improving the impact resistance, durability and abrasive resistance of mortar

4. Improving the weather resistance, thawing and freezing resistance and preventing the mortar from cracking

5. Improving the hydrophobicity of mortar and decreasing water absorption rate

6. Improving the workability of mortar.




1.  Used in interface mortar for exterior insuiation

2.   Used as flexible putty for exterior walls of building

3.  Used in flexibility-demanding cement-based polymer mortar products

4. Used as interface dry powder

5.  Used as ceramic tile adhesives.

6.  Used in flexibility-demanding cement-based polymer mortar products

7. Interior wall putty    

8. self leveling motar and terrace material   



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