Polyvinyl Alcohol Application

Polyvinyl Alcohol products have a wide range of uses. In the textile industry, they are mainly used as yarn pulp, fabric finishing...

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Grades

Polyvinyl Alcohol is manufactured by polymerization of vinyl acetate monomer, followed by hydrolysis of the polyvinyl acetate. HOP...

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Introduction

Polyvinyl Alcohol is a water soluble and biodegradable synthetic polymer. It is adry solid, and is available in granule and powder...

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Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA 2088
 Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA 2088

Polyvinyl alcohol (abbreviated as PVA) is a kind of water-soluble resin produced by polymerization and alcoholysis of vinyl acetate. Due to its unique features of high cohesiveness, membrane tenacity, smoothness, solvent resistance, gas inhibitor, wear resistance, protective colloid, and waterproof after specially treated, polyvinyl alcohol is widely applied in textile, building, papermaking, packing, timber processing, agriculture, printing, polymer chemical, ceramic, iron and steel, electronic, electrolytic, electroplating and other industries.


1. PVA 2088  Specification:
Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA 2088


White crystalline powder

Viscosity (mp.s)


Alcoholysis Degree %(mol/ mol)


Volatile (%) ≤


Sodium Acetate (%) ≤


Ash (%) ≤


PH Value



2. PVA 2088  Application:

PVA 2088 is mainly used in reducing removal in the process of sizing and weaving to maintain factory cleaning; as fiber reinforcement in concrete; as an agent in medical procedures; used in eye drops and hard solution as a lubricant; mainly used as adhesive, in printing industry and textile industry.

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