Polyvinyl Alcohol Application

Polyvinyl Alcohol products have a wide range of uses. In the textile industry, they are mainly used as yarn pulp, fabric finishing...

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Grades

Polyvinyl Alcohol is manufactured by polymerization of vinyl acetate monomer, followed by hydrolysis of the polyvinyl acetate. HOP...

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Introduction

Polyvinyl Alcohol is a water soluble and biodegradable synthetic polymer. It is adry solid, and is available in granule and powder...

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Polyvinyl Alcohol 1788

 Polyvinyl alcohol ( CHINA PVA )

PVA powder1788,Polyvinyl Alcohol 1788 



PVA property:


Name: polyvinyl alcohol ,PVA,PVOH

MF:  [C2H4O]n

Appearance: white granular or powder

CAS No.: 9002-89-5


PVA specifications:


Item Model








Alcoholysis Degree






Molecular weight




Sodium Acetate%


P H Value




PVA Application:


1. Sizing material :


PVA-based sizing agent is the most efficient synthetic sizing agent and textile processing agent, it has good adhesion property to cotton, linen, polyester, vinylon, adhesive fibers. The serosal is colorless and transparent, toughness, wear-resistant ,sun-resistant and in high mechanical strength. Using it cloth breakage rate can be reduced, due to small amount using of sizing agent, the woven fabrics feel stiff, smooth and delicate, fabric surface is not rough, and increase the number of winding horse, very easy to desizing. PVA can used as textile finishing agent, usuaully combined with urea and formaldehyde, when the fabric being baking with high temperature, they ser off chemical reacrions, which make the resin more flexile, so that highen fabric’s crisp property and flexibilty.


 2. Paper making :


PVA has big adhesive strength, film forming flexile, use it to replace starch and casein or use with them, conduct as coating vehicle or used as jelly to make top sizing to artpaper, surface-resistance paper, blue-print base paper, kraft paper. It could highen the properties of folding resistance, surface resistance, tear resistance, glossiness, smoothness, and suitability to print. PVA water solution can replace water-glass, starch or combined with them to bind printing and binding, paper box,cardboard, paper tube.


3. Adhesives:


PVA-based adhesives have good adhesive strength to paper, cloth, wood and widely used. It has good adhesive property, water-solubility, non-toxic, not burn. It has big market in materiall-binded board, leather, decorate industry, etc. it could highen adhesive strength by add some iroganic matter like clay, kentonite, alumina, titanium oxide. It can also be used to explore adhesives of isocyanate series which do not include formaldehyde and has high waterproof property.


4. Film :


Film made from PVA is in good transparence, high strength of tensile and crack-resistance, good moisture permeability and thermal insulation, fastness to oil and or organic chemicals, so that it used in taxtile packing. It can also used in food packing, non-toxic, odorless, non-pollution. Besides it can be compunded with polyethylene, polypropylene and others to use in instrument packing, printing plate.


5. Acetalized devivative:


 PVA and formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, butyraldehyde or other aldehydes or under acid catalyst generate PVA acetalized devivative, further improve its waterproof and adhesive properties. widely used in inner wall coating, constuction adhesive ( like 107 glue ), sponge, etc. Acetalized devivative has good adhesive strength to glass, can used in coating, leather, paper for cetamics, aluminum foil, copper clad plate, security glass and so on.


6. Raw material of fiber:


After washing, solution, spinning processing formal and treating of PVA, it can get vinylon fiber, then blending with feather, cotton, viscose fiber and get article of vinylon, non-woven fabrics, geotextiles, which widely used in apparel, industry use cord thread, fishing net rope, tarpaulin, material of agriculture and health.

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